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Pogona barbata (TBC) at suppressed by sonyam
Papilio aegeus (TBC) at suppressed by sonyam
Litoria caerulea (TBC) at suppressed by sonyam
Limnodynastes sp. (TBC) at suppressed by sonyam

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5 Feb 2023

Australian Citizen Science platform NatureMapr has just turned on its first non-human, machine learning based moderator, known as Carbon AI (or “Carbon – Artificial Intelligence”). T...

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Exciting new feature: Collections (Events / Bio Blitzes / Albums etc)26 Feb 2023

NatureMapr iOS/iPhone 4.2.1 update live23 Feb 2023

Major support from ACT Government Connecting Nature, Connecting People project21 Feb 2023

New WA regions available18 Feb 2023


trevorpreston wrote:
16 Mar 2023
Sounds like a good idea. I cant see any disadvantages.

Proposed clean up of sp. and "(genus)" naming convention
MattM wrote:
15 Mar 2023
Ideally we would use whatever convention is used by other platforms and databases. The addition of an extra checkbox creates additional work for users and moderators so I would suggest the application of "sp" be automatic for any ID to genus level. Ultimately I would use whatever convention increases compatibility with other platforms/datasets and reduces the workload for users of Nature Map and the data.

Proposed clean up of sp. and "(genus)" naming convention
KylieWaldon wrote:
14 Mar 2023
the only time I use the species option is when similar photos before have been id'd that way (because photo doesn't usually show the third eye or some important feature to get it any closer). I'm happy to leave it further back in the ID string if that helps save the glorious contributors of nature map time. And I probably don't fully understand anyway - but if it tidies up the back end and saves time somewhere I'm for it. :)

Proposed clean up of sp. and "(genus)" naming convention
AaronClausen wrote:
14 Mar 2023
How would people feel about this?

Proposed clean up of sp. and "(genus)" naming convention
AaronClausen wrote:
12 Mar 2023
Hi @NeilCrisp thank you for the positive feedback and a warm welcome as well. It is great to get feedback like this, we have a lot more work to do but the team are doing amazing things... Are you in Brisbane?

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