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6 Jul 2024

Hi All,We've had to refactor a very large and key part of the platform due to growing pains so that we can improve performance, reduce complexity and reduce maintenance overheads.While we work through...

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Tapirlord wrote:
8 hrs ago
Yes, but I don't think a natural occurence. Though It should be native to the region

Brachychiton rupestris
Michael123 wrote:
3 Jul 2024
Ubiquitarion iridis Family Helicarionidae

Ubiquitarion iridis
Michael123 wrote:
26 Jun 2024
MB would you like to post this on 'Snails of Australia' Facebook group ? just so we can get some feedback from other people.

Ubiquitarion iridis
Michael123 wrote:
26 Jun 2024
Not 100% sure but it may be an unusual colour form of Ubiquitarion iridis Family Helicarionidae which occurs in the Bunya Mountains.

Ubiquitarion iridis
MB wrote:
24 Jun 2024
Hi @michaelb, yes, a photo would make it easier to confirm. I'll put it up later when I have access to my computer.

Ocyphaps lophotes

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